Daimler: The Far Right on the Factory Floor

At Daimler’s main factory in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, the far-right are represented in the works council and are attacking migrant colleagues and the metal-workers union IG Metall

Originally published at der Freitag. Translated and edited by BRAVE NEW EUROPE

Are right-wing extremists on the rise in Germany’s industrial workforce? Just over a year after the works council elections in 2018, the question arises again. In mid-July, there was a loud verbal dispute between supporters of the right-wing radical group “Zentrum Automobil” (ZA) and the traditional German union IG Metall in front of the gate of the Daimler plant in Mettingen near Stuttgart. The occasion was a leaflet campaign with which the “Zentrum Automobil” promoted its 35-minute film “Der Vertrauensmann” (The Shop Steward), which was posted on the Internet at the beginning of July.

The professionally made film tells the story …

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